The Resource Centre (RC) was established in 2009 as a support structure for Education students at Nelson Mandela University. Today the centre serves 1500+ undergraduates. These students rely on the RC for materials and literature related to educational topics. The RC provides a learning space in which students have access to computers, printers, books, and various educational materials to assist with their university preparations.

In short the Resource Centre (RC) is an educationally focussed 'resource library' which specifically caters for Education students by providing a centralised area for education-based activities.  For example, designing class posters, setting out lesson plans, developing resource materials for lessons, researching for assignments, photocopying additional reading, etc.

The RC offers Education students a host of resources and services, such as:

  • books (specifically educational)
  • reference material, e.g. posters, lesson plans, etc
  • short loan text books/material from lecturers
  • photo copying (at a nominal charge)
  • laminating (at a nominal charge)
  • scanning (at a nominal charge)
  • PC's and printing access
  • work stations to sit quietly and complete assignments

RC staff, along with several student assistants, manage the centre and assist students with their varying needs.  The RC is open on weekdays from 7.30am to 4pm.

The Resource Centre also has a branch at the B Ed Foundation Phase building on the Nelson Mandela University Missionvale Campus.

Contact information
Dr Tulsi Morar
Operations Manager: Faculty of Education
Tel: 27 41 504 4596