The Faculty of Education at Nelson Mandela University is an important role-player in Initial Teacher Education, particularly in meeting urgent educational needs in the Eastern Cape.

The B Ed Senior Phase and Further Education and Training (SP-FET) programme is offered on a full-time basis at Nelson Mandela University’s South campus in Port Elizabeth and aims to address the need for ‘more teachers’ and ‘better teachers’ at Secondary School level. The B Ed SP and FET thus aims to provide students with relevant and appropriate knowledge and the necessary theoretical and practical skills, experience and expertise demanded of secondary school teachers in the diverse range of schools in South Africa.


Vision and Mission

To be a dynamic community of teachers, leaders and scholars in education, committed to creating a vibrant, socially just and democratic society.


We are committed to cultivating -

 Passionate, engaged, knowledgeable, effective and compassionate teachers, researchers and leaders into

 · Critical thinkers; and

   · Agents of hope, change and social justice:


· Practising humanising pedagogies;

· Establishing collaborative partnerships with relevant stakeholders, participating students, schools, communities, alumni and government;

· Using future-oriented technologies creatively; and

· Bringing the classroom into the world and the world into the classroom.


B Ed Senior Phase (Grade 7-9) and Further Education and Training (Grade 10-12)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Contact information
Dr Heloise Sathorar
Head of Department: Secondary School Education
Tel: 27 41 504 2382

Ms Pamela Roach
Secretary / Administrator: Secondary School Education
Tel: 27 41 504 4026