The Faculty of Education at Nelson Mandela University is an important role-player in Initial Teacher Education, particularly in meeting urgent educational needs in the Eastern Cape. 

The Foundation Phase (FP) is a critical phase in the education of children. It lays the foundation and building blocks upon which learning can take place.  Foundation Phase teachers are responsible for the educational foundation of children between the ages of five and nine (Grade R to Grade 3). How and what they teach profoundly influences the rest of these children’s lives.

The Nelson Mandela University B Ed Foundation Phase programme (FP) is aimed at attracting critical students and graduates who will go on to become quality teachers of this age group at schools throughout the Eastern Cape and beyond.

The programme is offered on a full-time basis at the Nelson Mandela University’s Missionvale Campus and aims to address the dire need for ‘more teachers’ and ‘better teachers’.


Faculty Vision and Mission

To be a dynamic community of teachers, leaders and scholars in education, committed to creating a vibrant, socially just and democratic society.

We are committed to cultivating passionate, engaged, knowledgeable, effective and compassionate teachers, researchers and leaders into

· Critical thinkers, and

· Agents of hope, change and social justice


· Practising humanising pedagogies

· Establishing collaborative partnerships with relevant stakeholders, participating students, schools, communities, alumni and government.

· Using future-oriented technologies creatively

· Bringing the classroom into the world and the world into the classroom


Foundation Phase (Grades R-3)

Contact information
Ms Basheera Brooks
Programme Administrator: BEd Foundation Phase
Tel: 27 41 504 2547

Dr Deirdre Geduld
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 041 504 2375