The faculty gives high priority to school based learning.  We see this as an integral part of teacher education. An introduction to the realities of the classroom is an essential part of effective professional training. This process also allows the student teacher an opportunity to determine whether the appropriate choice has been made.

The aims of the school based learning experiences are to provide opportunities for student teachers to integrate theory and practice and work collaboratively with and learn from the teachers.

Student teachers observe subject teachers at work so as to learn about teachers' skills, strategies and classroom achievements. They also evaluate their own teaching experiences through conferencing with teachers and lecturers and, through self-reflection, implement a variety of approaches, strategies and skills with a view to bring about meaningful learning.

In this way student teachers gain experience in managing and evaluating class work; in maintaining discipline and good order in the classroom; find their own teaching style and personality and become acquainted with school organisation and administration.


Contact information
Mrs Melony Oliphant
SBL Administrator
Tel: 041 504 4396

Dr Sivan Pillay
SBL Coordinator
Tel: 041 504 4585