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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education offers both under-graduate and post-graduate qualifications to eligible candidates within the field of Education.

The faculty consists of the following schools, each offering programmes within a specific educational field.

School for Initial Teacher Education

In this school, students study to become teachers. The B Ed qualification is an undergraduate degree qualification offered full time over four academic years. Students choose from the outset which phase they wish to specialise in, namely Foundation Phase (Gr R-3), Intermediate Phase (Gr 4-6) or Further Education & Training (Gr 10-12).

School for Education Research & Engagement

In this school qualified educators may pursue post-graduate qualifications (i.e. B Ed Hons, M Ed & PhD). Faculty engagement projects are also based within the school and very often inform and stimulate the research undertaken by students in this school.

On the right, you can download a short summary of our faculty’s qualifications which includes the programme overview, the duration of study, admission requirements, the APS score required as well as career opportunities. 

5th SAERA Conference

"Education in an era of decolonization and transformation"

First announcement and call for papers

Monday 23 October - Thursday 26 October 2017

Hosted by the Faculty of Education and held at the Boardwalk Hotel in Port Elizabeth

We call for papers / posters / panel discussions that address one or more of the following themes:

  • Teaching, learning, research and engagement in educational contexts
  • Education for all
  • Voice of the voiceless
  • Resistance, Re-envisioning and Renewal
  • Pathways to decolonization
  • Decolonizing research in education

For more detailed information on the conference, the themes and sub-categories, please click


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Faculty Vision and Mission

To be a dynamic community of teachers, leaders and scholars in education, committed to creating a vibrant, socially just and democratic society.

We are committed to cultivating passionate, engaged, knowledgeable, effective and compassionate teachers, researchers and leaders who are critical thinkers and agents of hope, change and social justice through practicing humanizing pedagogies, establishing collaborative partnerships with relevant stakeholders, using future oriented technologies creatively and bringing the classroom into the world and the world into the classroom